Student Information - Advantages

Advantages to Students


The whole brain development program (particularly right brain) of U C MAS has resulted in boosting up memory levels of children, increased their speed and accuracy levels in arithmetical calculations, enhanced intelligence quotient (IQ) and has sharpened concentration and comprehension skills. Because of these skills, photographic memory - an important lifetime skill - is developed. Our step-by-step teaching methodology, guidance and focus on listening and observation

skills enable our children to comprehend and absorb quicker. Our unique approach has also increased their learning abilities at school in writing skills, logical thinking, plotting locations on a map, all of which significantly contribute towards an all-round academic proficiency.

Advantages to Parents


The Abacus Mental Arithmetic trains students in a very unique way in developing their intellect. It is able to improve the calculation ability of a student in a very short period and enhances the interest, feelings, motives, personality and determination of the student.

Early inputs help in making the child self-sufficient and responsible.

U C MAS helps children discover the potential within.

The same curriculum is followed worldwide; therefore transfer for students to a different location is possible easily.

Once the speed and mental skills are achieved the children can take part in competitions internationally.

Our successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching methods will effectively activate your children’s latent mental power


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