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As children play the most important role in deciding the future of a country, it is important to cultivate the proper thinking habit and skills of the children in order to help them in their future development in areas of medical science, technology, work force, literature, history, law, commerce…etc, even to a higher levels such as computer information and the technology of outer space exploration; all these are the result of high-level intelligence and logical thinking! Looking at all the achievements, we may find that all are based on the fact that "Mathematical Principle is the mother of all sciences, and Mathematics is the root of all Mathematical Principles". In order to have a strong nation, we must first have strong people, and to have strong people, they must be properly educated. The Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad and the Minister for Education YB Senator Tan Sri Musa bin Mohamad both understand this principle very well and the influence of mathematical principles as well as their relationship with strengthening the nation, therefore we can see their continuous effort in promoting such education.

In order to benefit the children of Malaysia in 1993, Mr. Wong Hoon Wan formed the Academy of "Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System" (U C MAS), leading a group of competent associates to built the mighty mental arithmetic dominion in Malaysia. In accordance with the 4 principles of the academy: "to take care of and to encourage, to lead and to educate", U C MAS has opened more than 1500 learning centers throughout the world within few years.

U C MAS Academy of Mental Arithmetic, together with the China Zhusuan Association, will organize an international abacus and mental arithmetic grading examination twice every year. Besides that, U C MAS annual activities include the yearly abacus and mental arithmetic competition where more than 5,000 participants gathered from all over the world in Malaysia to compete for the highest honor in mental arithmetic.

After being in operation for several years, the Academy of U C MAS Mental Arithmetic was invited in July 1997 by the Minister for Education then, Dato' Seri Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak, to the demonstration hall of the Ministry of Education to demonstrate the skills of abacus mental arithmetic, to enable the Minister himself and other officers in the Ministry to have a better understanding of the logic and techniques involved in the teaching of mental arithmetic. In the following year, U C MAS was given the responsibility by the ministry to train 232 schoolteachers the technique of abacus manipulation with both hands.

In order to diversify the field of education and in collaboration with the concept of multi-scope of education by the ministry, U C MAS has incorporated several courses in relation to the enhancement of mental ability into its system of education, namely:

A. The Inception of U C MAS Mental Arithmetic Academy in 1993
B. The Incorporation of U C MAS Memory Technique Course in 2000

The response to the above courses is said to be overwhelming and encouraging, the number of learning centers and kindergartens joining our franchise system is growing at a rapid pace, and to a certain extent, even exceeds our expectation.

At U C MAS, our philosophy of education is "to lay our firm foundation in Malaysia, and move on to the world", in just a few years, U C MAS system of education has been successfully transferred to Indonesia (with 500 learning centers), India (700 learning centers), Thailand (50 learning centers), Singapore (5 learning centers), Brunei (3 learning centers), Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries (10 learning centers), United State of America (2 learning centers), and Australia (2 learning centers). We are confident that the U C MAS franchise system will move on to other countries.

At present, there are altogether 300,000 U C MAS students in Malaysia, 200,000 in Indonesia, 100,000 in India, 25,000 in Thailand and more than a thousand from Brunei, Singapore, Gulf countries, UK and Australia. All our student possess a unique U C MAS student cards which serve a specific purpose and all our students stand a chance to be selected to participate in the annual international competition and grading examination where at least 5,000 students are participating every year.





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