Course Instructor Information

  1. Name of Course:
 U C MAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

  2. Nature of Course:
An Active Numerical & Image Processing Training of Our Brains Using Abacus and Subsequently Imaginary Beads of Abacus to Process Arithmetic Calculation Which Sought to Improve the Development of Left & Right Hemispheres of the Brain.

  3. Relevancy of School Standard:
Suitable for Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School Students.

  4. Duration of Course:
30 months

  5. Entry Requirements:
Children between the ages 4 and 12 years
with basic understanding of numbers

  6. Certifying Authorities:
U C MAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Academy, in Collaboration with The China Zhusuan (Abacus Reckoning) Association.

  7. Teacher Students Ratio:
1:10, 1:12 (max)

  9. Course Session:
2 Hours a week to be allocated flexibly



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