Company Profile

Alabama limited liability company)
130 Main Road
Huntsville, AL 35881

U C MAS USA LLC, an Alabama limited liability company, offers 2 different franchises for the operation of educational centers providing specialized courses designed to improve the mental development of children and young people. One franchise offers the UCMAS Mental Arithmetic program. The other franchise offers the UCMAS Memory Technique program.

Our directors, principal officers and other executives who have management responsibility in connection with the operation of our business are as under:

Director: Dr. Manu Patel

Dr. Patel has been a Director for us in Huntsville, Alabama since September 2004. Since January 1989, he has also been CEO of SK International, an engineering consulting firm, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Director: Nitin Patel

Mr. Patel has been a Director for us, based in V. Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India since September 2004. From June 1998 to August 2004, he was a self-employed consultant in marketing and human resources in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India .

Executive Director: Sonali Amin

Ms. Amin has been our Executive Director, based in Los Angeles, California, since September 2004. Since September 2003, she has also been Director Administration & Marketing for B. Mehtalia Consultants Ltd. (BMCPL) in Los Angeles, California. From October 1993 to September 2003, Ms. Amin was chief architect and interior designer for BMCPL in Bombay, India .

Vice President Marketing: Keyur Parikh

Mr. Parikh has been Vice President Marketing for us, based in Singapore , since September 2004. Since October 2000, he has also been Vice President - Marketing for Southeast Asia of M/s. Elecon Singapore Pte Ltd. in Singapore . Since January 2000 Mr. Parikh has also been Chief Executive Officer of M/s. Ringspann Elecon India Ltd. in Anand, Gujarat, India .

Vice President Marketing & Franchising: Eastern Zone: Vrunda Patel

Ms. Patel has been our Vice President Marketing & Franchising for the eastern part of the United States , based in Huntsville, Alabama since August 2004. From March 1999 to June 2004, she was General Manager for MRV Enterprises Inc., a real estate management company, in Gainesville, Florida. From August 1998 to December 2002, Ms. Patel was also a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.


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