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Welcome to the Academy of U C MAS Abacus Mental Arithmetic

Today, we live in an era of computers. However, it is for this reason that the Abacus Mental Arithmetic program becomes more necessary. It is not only arithmetic skill but also a brain development-training program. It is created to enhance their latent mental power at an early age. In order to give equal rein to the overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and left brain must be trained at the same time. The creativity will be at its greatest only when both brains are communicating and co-operating with each other. The creativity function from right brain need to be boosted by the information stored in left brain, whereas the mathematical and physical abilities have to work together with the space perception from the right brain in order to become an excellent scientist, marvelous engineer, professional literati, creative designer, successful businessman or top executive in the company.

Through the practical teaching, training and proof from research, Abacus Mental Arithmetic has mobilized the learning initiative of children in mathematical concept, and gives free rein to develop their right brain, letting the children react faster.

The U C MAS Abacus Mental Arithmetic is able to create a concept of brain appearance image, which is the concept of "image memory", one of the right brain functions. Image memory uses the brain appearance to promote effectively and excellently explore, foster and strengthen the endurance of memory, stronger the supernatural intelligent progressively. Generally this image will sustain for a longer period in our brain through our specific training methods.

Meanwhile, we do welcome you to be one of our franchisees to promote and develop this ancient tool but scientific and effective function of right brain development training program.

We are working intensively to expand this effective program in USA and rest of the world, if you are interested, please contact us and join the U C MAS Global Network Franchising.

Corporate Office:

130 Main Road
Huntsville AL – 35881

West Coast Office:

520 Lawrence Expressway
Suite 300
Sunnyvale CA 94086


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