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The UCMAS Mental Arithmetic education program builds speed and accuracy in calculations. Learners are guided to use their mental ability to the maximum potential. This program will stimulate both right and left sides of the brain, hence allowing the right brain development itself to be flexible and to think even more effectively.

  The Gradual Increase of Children who join the Abacus Mental Arithmetic Evaluation Test

In recent years, with the spread of Abacus Mental Arithmetic training, more and more children join the field and have excellent performance. Take for example, the evaluation test help by Children’s Abacus Association more than 128,000 children participated in the test in 1993; 162,000 in 1994; 192,000 in 1995. All these show that the children who take part in the abacus evaluation test is on the rapid increase. The real number should be more than 300,000 if we take into consideration some similar tests held by other associations. It is a good phenomenon, which proves that Abacus Mental Arithmetic is widely favored and supported internationally.

As the consciousness of numbers is gradually developed in children from one and a half to two years old, concrete items should further strengthen it, so that they know their association. At this stage, concrete items work as ‘teaching aids’. Through constant exploration and practice, children get the concept of numbers. The process goes from the concrete, semi-concrete to total abstract. The learning of abacus helps the understanding of natural science because it has concrete strings of balls to help thinking. ‘The elevation of abacus’ means the ability to calculate by concrete balls to the invisible, imagery or formal calculation, which then reaches the level of mental arithmetic. The learning of abacus has the same process as Piaget and Burner’s cognitive theory, which emphasizes the mental development from the concrete to the conceptual, formal and symbolic.

Obviously, Burner’s theory, which also emphasizes the gradual development of intellect, is deeply influenced by Piaget’s stage theory. That is, comprehension and assimilation of knowledge are most important in every stage of learning. Human wisdom and potentiality can keep growing without the limit of age. In other words, it is environment that will either slow down or expedite the development of intellect. The so-called ‘readiness’ of learning does not totally rely on physical maturity. Therefore, teachers should not waste time in waiting for the biological maturity. When children are equipped with certain knowledge and great opportunity to lead them into another stage of learning. Burner therefore advocates the early inspiration of wisdom and learning, which helps unearth talent, shortens the unnecessary time of learning and accomplishes the learning goal.

It is indeed exhilarating for the educators to see the wide support of Abacus Mental Arithmetic training, which contributes a lot to the development of intellect.

Author: -
YANG CHU-HUNG, professor of Taichung Institute of Commerce, Taiwan.

The UCMAS Mental Arithmetic education program builds the ability to calculate fast and accurately. Learners are guided to use his mental ability fully. This program will stimulate both portions of the brain, hence allowing the right brain development itself to be flexible and to think even more effectively.



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