Why Mental Arithmetic is a Must for Your Child?


Why Mental Arithmetic

Brain Development

Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation that does not involve the use of any physical or external gadgets / instruments such as a calculator or a computer. It (calculations) is solely done by human mind using mental power or performing mathematical calculations mentally.

According to scientific studies and research mental abilities in children must be developed by the age of 12. Mental growth is most rapid before the age of 12 (Please refer to the graph listed above) the degree of mental development achieved by a child during this time has a great influence over his/her future.

  The Learning Age

When is the Best Learning Age for the Children?

According to the analysis on the development of nervous tissues, the development and growth of the nervous will begin from 4 to 6 years old with the quickest speed, the progression will slow down after 12 years old when growth reaches 75% During the juvenile level, these cells will grow up to 90% of an adult or in other words, the liaison net of the nervous tissue reaches 90%.

The greatest growth of human brain is during 4 to 14 years old where during this period, the frequency of brain wave increases gradually from theta (relaxing stage) to Alpha level (relax but conscious). Children in Alpha level have plentiful imagination and quicker learning ability. As they grow older into their juvenile age (the Beta level, the sober period), thoughts will become more complicated and rational, and mainly think with left-brain.

The relativity theory introduced in 1916 by Einstein had shocked the science circles. He illustrated the relativity theory as an outcome of idea. He used his right brain to create an amazing journey of thought and used his left-brain to develop a set of mathematical theories to explain the fairyland he saw.

The drawing, composition, lines and model in rough drafts of Picasso were shown the mathematical and geometrical concept. This proved that there are hidden potentials of science and acts every brain. The only difference is that both brains are not equally developed, otherwise this will double our network growth progress.


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